Selecting Tulip Cultivars March 6, 2009

Of course, you can find tulips in a variety of color as there are over 3500 t

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flowers delivery canada

cultivars. You can purchase traditional tulip bulbs as well as fancy bulbs, which have a feathered, frilly petal. You can find tulips in solid colors as well as striped petals, or variegated colors. ulip Tulips come in tall varieties as well as shorter varieties and bloom in single or double blooms. You can purchase tulip bulbs that are early bloomers, maturing early in the springtime, or you can find tulips that will bloom later. So you can plan your bulb flowers to consistently bloom all spring, until other perennials begin blooming and planted annuals fill out your garden, an important consideration in flower garden design. With so much variety and selection, there is no doubt as to why tulip bulbs are such popular flowers. Coupled with the excellent selection and the ease of care and planting for tulips, they make an excellent addition to any garden. When selecting bulbs, a simple rule of thumb is that the bigger the bulb, the bigger the flower. Choose plump bulbs that are firm and heavy for their size. Although the tunic (outer papery skin) need not be intact, avoid withered bulbs and those that are withered, overly dry, scarred, have traces of mold, soft spots, or other blemishes. However, more difficult than selecting bulbs is first choosing from the over 100 varieties of tulips which are divided into 15 divisions. Careful selection from different divisions can help you plan a tulip garden that begins in early spring and dances on through the end of May!


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